Your family photoshoot is an experience that will capture memories you will hold close to your heart forever. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to planning your session but the location is the best place to start! Once you have the vision for your session planning your outfits, hair and makeup will be a breeze.

1) A Special Place

Where is your favorite place to spend time together? Do you love spring flower blossoms or the summer sunflowers? This season of your life is important. This will also give you the “home field advantage” because you will already know the area and feel comfortable here.

2) Stalk Your Photog

That’s right! Search allover my website and social media. Do you like any of the locations I have shot at? Don’t hesitate to ask me some of my favorite places are to shoot or if I have any bucket list locations I’ve always wanted to shoot at. I am more than happy to help!

3) Back to The Basics

Think about you and your family. Do you like spending time indoors our outdoors? Do you like being in town or out in the country? Do you want to have a themed session? Start with what you like and go from there.

We can take your family photos anywhere but they should reflect who you are and the season of life you are in right now! I created this guide because the location really does matter.

Another way to do this is to narrow it down with a broad theme. Do you want woods, tall grass, an open field, a river, a waterfall, buildings, a lake or anything specific like that in mind? Send me over your ideas and I will give you my favorite location suggestions!

Family Session

Choosing A Location

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