Tag & Amber are from my hometown in Charlevoix, Michigan. They told me that when they searched for photographers for their Intimate Tennessee Wedding, they couldn’t find someone whose photos they liked as much as mine. Y’all, for a photographer, that’s the biggest compliment they could have said! The day before their wedding, I made the six hour drive down to Sevierville, Tennessee for their rehearsal dinner.

I don’t typically go to rehearsal dinners but in this case, I thought it was needed. Two days before their wedding, I got a text from Tag at 5:30 am and we immediately got in the phone. To give you a visual, yes, I literally jumped out of bed, ran downstairs and we started talking about the big problem at hand.

Their venue where they had planned to have their wedding and reception had an emergency. The septic tank EXPLODED. They could no longer have their wedding at their dream location and they are 48 hours away. They were beyond grateful that the owner of the venue found them a new location for their wedding and reception and hooked them up with another house for everyone to stay in. The only thing I can do at this point to help is offer assistance in anything that they need and do everything in my power to help make the day they dreamed of happen, even if it did look slightly different.

After the rehearsal dinner we changed their timeline and made everything fit. The one thing they asked me for was a mountain view now that their original wedding venue with a mountain view wasn’t possible. I drove around for hours trying to find the perfect spot but the place that was truly calling them was the Foothills Parkway. At 10 pm the night before their wedding, we changed their timeline again and we made it happen. At this point, it didn’t matter what it took, we were getting them their mountain view. It felt like everything that could go wrong, did and this was something I could fix.

So we did it. We made it happen and it was absolutely breathtaking. I actually got to take them to the site that my husband and I got married at too which was very special. Enjoy these images because these two went through hell and back and came out on the other end, married and beyond happy. If they can make it through everything they did, they can make it through anything!


A Smoky Mountain Elopement

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